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Tracking Johnny down was never all that hard. It was the making it look like an accident, a coincidence, something of synchronicity and ‘meant to be’s rather than a calculated encounter that required more effort than often proved worthwhile. But this time she was hopeful.

No, hopeful wasn’t the right…

Part Two of the Johnny Jags story

Part two — Jackson

Johnny felt that all too familiar warning of a voice starting to creep into his brain, as it had done so many times over the years, whispering something along the lines of ‘Don’t be a moron you dipshit. You…

Part 1 of the Johnny Jags saga

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Flicking a cockroach off his pillow with an overgrown, yellow fingernail and only the slightest bit of disgust, Johnny Jags wondered aloud how the hell he’d fallen so low, yet again, in this life. Then he remembered the 30 grand and the .45…

A 12-step program to stop engaging in agitating topics on social media

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The Covid 19 Pandemic has affected may people in many different ways. But none have been more burdened than the social media addict who tends to consider themselves an expert on topics they have no experience and/or direct education in.

In particular, these afflicted souls have been drawn into the…

And when did it become a character flaw to be wrong sometimes?

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“I’m sorry, I was wrong. I screwed up and will do the best moving forward to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

When did these become the hardest words in basically any language for us humans to say?

What is it about admitting we were wrong that makes us feel…

A poem on how we can find our way back to what matters

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If time has brought me anything, it’s clarity.

Perhaps, at times, too much of it.

If looking within gave me answers, they were to questions I never asked.

Well, not out loud anyways.

Because, in the end, it is only love.

What we need to understand;

What we need to…

And how she’s taught me to be a better man.

This is Lucky. This July she will turn 16. She’s been with me through the completion of my degree. Three career changes. A marriage and a subsequent divorce. Two cities. Several thousand kilometres of road trips. Five different homes. And you know what?

She hasn’t changed one little bit.


Tips to help you spend more time with a smile on your face

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It is easy though. And it’s likely become a habit for many of us. Too many of us. But why do we do this to ourselves? I mean, it’s no secret that when we are smiling and thinking positive thoughts, life is just better. We literally feel better physically, we…

Are you happy with how you have spent your time so far?

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Walking into the conference room exactly 11 minutes late, as per usual, God seemed a little flustered today. His usual calming smile had been replaced with a deadpan, flat expression. Walking up to the table where his next interview was to take place, he found himself looking at the man…

Learning how to let happiness be free of tethers or expectations

But I have to say goodbye, so I can love myself

To the daughter I never had;

You are the one I’ve buried beneath all others.

My biggest disappointment.

My most feared development come true.

You are the one that makes me cry uncontrollably at touching father daughter moments in movies. …

Rob Honzell

Rob Honzell is a writer and former journalist who resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but spends most of his time in his own head. DM @rob_honzell

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